GCMF 2023 Theme Nights Released!

GCMF 2023 Theme Nights are here! Read all about it!

Theme: Fest Friends (or more?)
Shyness doesn’t exist on Kick-Off Night! Wear your ‘conversation starter’ gear! This is the night you find your spot and make new ‘Fest Friends’ (or more ?). Show where you’re from by wearing your favorite outfit, maybe your favorite sports team (Braves, of course), your hottest boots and hat, any GCMF apparel, your favorite artists you’re going to see here today, your favorite saying, show folks if you’re celebrating a special occasion (who has a birthday?), show your personality and more. If you’ve been to any of our sister fests, connect with others about what you excited for at this fest. We’re all first year GCMF’ers here so let’s talk about it! We will be on the lookout for fans to #GCMFBeKind for upgrades and prizes all day!

Join us for all the Happy Hours all weekend long!

Theme: U.S. of A. Day Theme Night
Saturday night will be our U.S. of A. Day theme! Get all your red, white, and blue gear on and get ready to ‘Merica all night long with us in Marietta, GA. We will be walking around looking for the most decked out/cutest and best outfits to upgrade, win meet and greets, backstage tours, and more. So, get all your red, white, and blue ready for Saturday!

Theme: Live Like A Dutton Theme Night
Sunday night will be our Live Like A Dutton theme! This means its time to break out the fringe, Beth styled summer dresses, vests, belt buckles, chaps, bandanas, and your favorite cowboy hat is a must. It’s going to be a spicy ass day in Marietta, let us tell ya!

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